The Brandvoltz Team

  • Siddu is one of our enthusiastic crew member in Brandvoltz with more than 6 Years of experience in the event management industry who takes care of events & executions planned by Dr.venkat CEO and he is also responsible for all our successful events.
  • Dr. Venkat, with his vast experience, is the perfect mentor for the entire team. A doctorate from University of California, Dr. Venkat, leads the team from the front and extends his whole-hearted support, like a true leader.
  • The Liaison. Arsha, the charming lady has a multidimensional role. She is responsible for ensuring that all the departments in Brandvoltz are in complete sync with one another.
  • The Eyes. Vikraman, is a vastly experienced photographer and has won many accolades and awards for his photography skills. He leads the photography and videography team of Brandvoltz.
  • The Bandit Queen. Likhitha, the effervescent team member is the life of the team. However, she can be one feisty lady, if she wants to be! Her responsibility includes guiding a new team and generating revenue for Brandvoltz.
  • The Maverick. Immanuel, encapsulates the working culture at Brandvoltz. He is a straightforward and fun-loving simple guy. his responsibilities also include guiding a team of associates.
  • The Newbie. Divya, the quiet little girl is the newest addition to the team Brandvoltz. With a zeal to prove her skills, she has impressed one and all at Brandvoltz.