Nominations and the Research Process

The nomination process for the most part, is done online through this Brandvoltz official website by individuals or organizations. Sometimes manual nominations are also taken into account.

Once the nominations are received, Brandvoltz's research team, headed by Dev, starts categorizing the nominations based on the line of business. Once the categorization is done, more information regarding the individuals or the organizations are collected. Information like, but not limited to, yearly turnover, reviews from customers and/or clients, popularity of the product and/or services, etc.

When the research team is done collecting the necessary information, they do a background check on the individuals or the organizations. This is to ensure that only clean individuals and organizations are recognized and awarded.

After completing the background research, the research team compiles a list of possible winners and sends it to the independent jury panel with all the data regarding the individuals and the organizations for voting.

The Jury

The jury panel of Brandvoltz awards committee comprises of several independent (not related to Brandvoltz) individual achievers and corporate bigwigs. They are themselves the epitome of success in their respective professions or industries. The jury, with utmost diligence and impartiality, goes through the list of possible winners, one by one, based on the categories along with the data (including background information) compiled by the Brandvoltz research team. To ensure a totally unbiased approach in selecting a winner, the voting is done by a secret ballot. Finally, once the voting is over, the votes are tallied and a winner under a particular category is selected. Needless to say, the winners are the ones with the maximum number of votes under a particular category.