About Brandvoltz®

Brandvoltz®, a brainchild of Dr. Venkat, was founded in April, 2019. Even though just a few months old, Brandvoltz® has already successfully held its first award event very recently on November 24, 2019. It was a mega success, to say the least. The event was graced by Ms. Chitrangada Singh, the Bollywood actress.

Brandvoltz®, is backed by Dr. Venkat who has over a decade of solid experience in hosting event and celebrity management. Furthermore, Brandvoltz® is fortunate to have a very dedicated team on board. The team's enthusiasm and creativity that adds a lot of value to the kind of work Brandvoltz® does.

Brandvoltz® has recently tied up with Siddu Events, a leading event management company in Bangalore. Siddu Events has been in the business for more than 15 years and therefore, brings a whole lot of things to the table.

Apart from that, Brandvoltz® has got Zee Business News as its TV partner, Business Wire as the online media partner, and Business Connect as the online and print media partner. Right now, Brandvoltz® is in talks with the Times of India regarding all-round media partnership. So, things are looking pretty thrilling for Brandvoltz®.

Our Goal

Brandvoltz® was created with the sole purpose of promoting, individuals, and small and medium sized businesses/organizations who often times fail to showcase or promote their outstanding products and/or services, mostly due to lack of resources. Brandvoltz® ensures that such individuals and businesses/organizations are duly recognized for their exceptional efforts in their respective professions or industries across India.

The Icon India Business Awards, award by Brandvoltz® is a very prestigious awards event that helps to appreciate the outstanding contributions of such individuals and organizations. These awards are given after taking into account various factors like peer reviews, client reviews, and individual's/organization's performance over a period of time. Needless to say, the awards are only given to the best of the best from the nominations that are received.